Wednesday, 14 May 2014


We decided to celebrate Europe Day, as a symbol of peace and unity, in all the schools of our project with the same-programmed activities:

- We all sang our COMENIUS ANTHEM and watched the beautiful Opening Ceremony video made by our Greek School.

- We played an "active gymkhana", which had a number of questions and tasks (proposed by all the schools) in order to collect the letters of "ACTIVE EUROPEANS"

- We prepared HEALTHY SNACKS with recipes from all the countries participating in our project.

- Some of our partners had the chance to communicate through Skype and chatted during the celebration.

It was a wonderful day for all our schools and we learned a lot about each other!


Before the day is over, we would like to congratulate and thank the Greek children and their teachers for making a very funny and interesting video in which they mimed curious facts about each country so that the others could guess who was who! GREAT JOB!!!

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