Sunday 10 May 2015


Active Citizens in Düsseldorf (Germany)


We want active playgrounds! (Rincón de la Victoria - Málaga - Spain)

Making healthy choices easy choices (Crete - Greece)

Waste Collecting Campaign (Kolding - Denmark)  

Active Citizens with a bike (Paks - Hungary)
1st phase: riding balance on bikes and scooters – to improve balance, to practice starting and stopping
2nd phase: practicing pedalling on small bikes, with bigger bikes completing slalom courses, practicing traffic rules

3rd phase: a 20km bike tour to the  village"Cseresznyés"

Active Citizenship in Ireland:
We looked at how to make our road safer so that more children could walk to school - Road Safety Project.

Checking for danger

Crossing the road

Researching our project
Active Citizenship in Croatia: 
What does it mean to be active? How can we be active? What can we do to become and be


Active Citizenship in Slovenia:
The children of the Preschool Vrtec Pedenjped in Ljubljana designed a new playground together with their teachers.

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