Thursday 28 May 2015


Apart from the videos we exchanged among the partner-schools, we organized different celebrations about Europe Day.

Each pupil of the Spanish Pre-Primary and Primary schools made a drawing of a person and put them all together in a giant poster about EUROPE DAY 2015


This year we marked Europe Day, which we celebrate within the Comenius project, in a very special way. Together with our partners, The Croatians, we arranged to honour this occasion with a two-day visit from our Croatian friends and with a one-day visit of a Slovenian kindergarten to Croatia.
We were excitingly expecting the day when we would meet the friends from the Croatian kindergarten. We were excited about their arrival to our kindergarten. After lunch we went on a boat trip which took us along the Ljubljanica River, and then we took a walk up to the Ljubljana Castle. On our way back to the centre of Ljubljana we enjoyed the lovely weather by indulging in delicious ice-cream. In the evening hours we took the bus back to the kindergarten where we then had a »pancake party«, played grass hockey, rode the bikes and overall built new friendships. In the late evening we set up beds in the playroom and before falling asleep we had a real pyjama party. What is interesting is that at night some leprechauns visited us and left a small surprise gift under each child's bed. The following day we had workshops on various topics and unfortunately time passed very quickly until we had lunch and our new friends returned back to Croatia.
In two weeks’ time we Slovenians then had a chance to enjoy a one-day trip to our Croatian friends. They were very happy about our arrival. In the kindergarten they organised a workshop on the topic of face painting and in the playground they set up an inflatable castle. After lunch we headed for a wonderful zoo where our guide told us many interesting facts about wonderful animals. Once again it was not long before we had to say goodbye, but we promised to each other to soon meet again and continue the annual common celebration of Europe Day.



The Irish school invited parents, school management and the local community to the afternoon events. They started with a ‘Handshake for Europe’ in the school playground. The European Anthem ‘Ode to Joy’ was played on loudspeaker and they all listened while Third Class pupils described the events of May 1950 and their significance. All present then took part in a group handshake.
The next part of the day was the ‘Taste of Europe’ exhibition. They had prepared foods from Greece, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Germany, Denmark and Spain. It was fun sampling the different tastes. 

  The final event of the day was the ‘All About Europe’ Quiz.  Four teams of 6 from 5th and 6th class competed in a close contest over 4 rounds. The parents and other adults present were impressed at how much the students knew about the EU and the European Parliament. The most difficult round proved to be assembling a jigsaw of Europe against the clock! Team ‘Denmark’ emerged as winners with 2 points to spare. 

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